Phil the Drill Shaving

Serious about What He Does

Barbering is more than cutting someone's hair.  It is getting to know someone and sometimes creating a longtime friendship.  It is also a right of passage for a boy to become a man.  As a barber you have to realize that.  You will know when it happens too.  As soon as a kid is old enough to get that straight edge razor shave on the back of his neck, he knows he has made it.

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Los Angeles Trained Barber

Phillip DeCastro was the Director of Retail Operations for Bolt Barbers in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.  He studied his tonsorial arts, barbering, under Ron Koziel at Abram Friedman and the Apprentice Program at Bolt Barbers.

After living in Los Angeles for almost 10 years.  Phillip DeCastro and his wife have picked up and moved to Gowrie, Iowa, his wife's hometown.   Here Phillip can keep the town's barbering tradition alive.  Before him Darrel Mischke had been cutting for 45 years.  There has been a barber where The Drill Barbershop currently stands for over 100 years.

After operating in Gowrie for only a year, the opportunity to expand the reach of The Drill Barbershop has come.  The Fort Dodge location has opened and is operating Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and remains operational Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday in Gowrie.  Like The Drill Barbershop on Facebook or Instagram for updates on when it will be opening.

A place where Men can be Men and so can their Sons.